Waste Management Company & Disposal Services


Partnering with a reliable waste management company is important for many businesses, regardless of their size or niche. Discovering the right waste management solution for you can, in fact, influence the quality of service you provide to your own customers, that’s why at Bezero we provide a comprehensive range of options that suits your needs and your needs alone. Our highly skilled and fully equipped team takes you through the waste management cycle, from analysis and collection to disposal and certification, to ensure you can harness the benefits that go hand-in-hand with a high standard and competitively priced solution.

We use our knowledge and experience, which has been gathered over 40 years as a waste management expert, to help you limit pollution, reduce waste, promote conservation and prevent the negative impact that is commonly associated with many waste disposal practices. We’re a family-run firm with a passion for providing the very best customer service from our Birmingham based headquarters. Our registered transport and waste management company can deliver all you need to successfully and sustainably handle a variety of waste types on behalf of companies located throughout the USA.

We take pride in the fact that all of our operatives are highly trained, experienced, extremely helpful and will do their utmost to provide you with a first-class onsite service.

All required waste documentation will be completed in full, to ensure your waste is transported and disposed of safely and correctly, thus ensuring your duty of care obligations are fulfilled.

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2,000 Gallon – 4 wheel rigid
3,000 Gallon – 6 wheel rigid
4,000 Gallon – 8 wheel rigid
6,000 Gallon – Articulated
6,800 Gallon – Articulated – Stainless Steel
5,250 Gallon – Articulated – Mild Steel – Storage

Client services offered include transport & disposal of the following waste streams:

•  Oil Spillage
•  Contaminated water
•  Flood response
•  Interceptor Emptying
•  Waste beverages/food
•  High COD/Glycerol waste
•  Sewage services including interworks
•  Cesspits – private and commercial